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Fresh aromas for every cusine!

From African Blue Basil to Vietnamese Coriander, we have a wide assortment of herbs to uniquely flavor every dish. Available herbs vary by season– during the summer we focus on heat-loving herbs from Mexico and Thailand to then switch to cool-season herbs from England and France.

Fresh aromas for every cusine!


Hierba Buena
The original mojito mint you'll want in all your drinks. Similar to spearmint but with a sweet, refreshing fragrance of its own. Stands out in both sweet and savory dishes; great in marinades and dressings.
Probably the lesser known of the five herbs de Provence– thyme, rosemary, lavender, and marjoram. Savory is reminiscent of thyme but with a spicer almost pungent fragrance.
Orange Mint
A mint cultivar with bright citrus aroma and lavender undertones. Known by many names– bergamot mint, lime mint, and water mint. Excellent in raw dishes, vinegars, and marinades.
Lemon Thyme
Has the savory scent of thyme combined with a bright citrus aroma. Compliments lamb, poultry, and tomatoes; transforms roasted vegetables.
Green Pepper Basil
Unusual variety from South America with a spicy scent reminiscent of green peppercorns. Stands up well to being cooked.
Holy Thai Basil
A Thai basil variety with a musky, sweet aroma and large delicate leaves. More pungent and not as sweet when compared to Thai magic basil. Best eaten fresh, breaks down easily.
Dark Opal Basil
A versatile sweet basil that adds color and bright flavor to drinks and dressings. Muddle with sugar and lime for a pink lemonade you'll be drinking all summer.
Peruvian Basil
A distinctly pungent basil native to the Amazons, also known as sweet wild basil. Adds depth to soups and stews. It shares essential oils with both basil and thyme.
Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil
A cultivar from New Mexico with intense citrus aroma shines in sorbets, vinegars, and summer cocktails. No other variety has such a bright, lemony fragrance. Compliments fish and chicken well.
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Heat & flavor in every color of the rainbow!


From mild to scorching peppers we love them all! Our pepper catalog spans 20 countries and includes over a dozen varieties from Mexico to make any mole or salsa you can think of– chilhuacle, pasilla, morita, arbol, guajillo, cascabel, serrano, manzano, jalapeño, morita, ancho, and chipotle.

Chile Chilhuacle
Mexico. MILD. A pepper rarely seen outside of Oaxaca, where it's widely used in moles. When dried its skin turns black and leathery, developing a complex earthy aroma with notes of chocolate and tobacco.
Chile Chilaca
Mexico. MEDIUM. Commonly dried and used in moles for its earthy, fruity aroma with notes of raisin. Also known as Chile Pasilla (Spanish for raisin pepper) for its dark, wrinkled skin when dried. Crisp and bright when fresh, perfect for roasting or stuffing.
Chile de Arbol
Mexico. HOT. Has bright heat with neutral flavor, making it an incredibly versatile pepper. Great in any salsa!
China. HOT. A mainstay pepper of Szechwan cooking, also found in the cuisines of Mexico and Japan. It provides bright heat with neutral flavor, similar to Chile de Arbol.
Aji Benito
Bolivia. VERY HOT. A tasty habanero cousin with thick flesh and fruity flavor which stands up well to cooking. Great in cebiches and fruity salsas.
Purple Marconi
Italy. MILD. Crisp texture and sweet flavor make it a versatile pepper. Great eaten fresh in salads.
Spain. Mild. Most are sweet, some have a kick. Great roasted and stuffed.
Italy. MILD. Slender, crips fruits with tangy taste perfect for pickling.
Rezha Macedonia
Macedonia. MEDIUM. Tasty pepper with a spicy, earthy flavor that comes through when eaten fresh or dried. Dry and powder for a versatile spicy seasoning.
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Chile de Arbol

Mexico. HOT. Has bright heat with neutral flavor, making it an incredibly versatile pepper. Great in any salsa!